Hello, friends and readers. I am a huge fan of history. I believe reading history can be incredibly fun when you look at it with the right focus. Which is why I began writing historical fiction novels with the goal of mostly having fun but also to make the study of history an easier, more enjoyable experience.

     I was born in Mexico, in a small farming town. I went to college in Monterrey and later I moved to New York to start a Master’s degree in New York University. I currently live and work in New York City for all those fans of history who live close by and would like sometime to have a cup of coffee. As to my personal interests I come from a ranching family so everything that speaks of countryside living and ranching, such as horseback riding and camping has a special appeal for me. I am also a big fan of extreme adventures, such as skydiving, and other outdoor activities, such as kayaking, hiking and rappelling.


     After graduating from college I began a quest to read the 100 most celebrated classic books of European and American literature. During this time I read one of my favorite books of all time, The Count of Monte-Cristo, by famous French author Alexandro Dumas. In this book’s plot the main character, Edmond Dantes, is wrongly accused of being a supporter of Napoleon Bonaparte by four jealous friends, a situation that puts him in jail for fourteen years. This book planted in me the seed of the Napoleon fan and the history student. All this inspiration found its way in my first book, The Sphinx Spy, a novel about a spy who works for Napoleon Bonaparte.

     Later my historical curiosity led me to research the biggest armed conflict of the twentieth century, World War II, an event that took the lives of sixty million people and shapped the world from then on until our present day. I discovered in WWII a inexhaustible source of interesting stories and enigmatic riddles that even today, seventy years after those events took place, still capture the imagination and the fascination of almost every human being. In my second novel, Hitler’s Last Mystery, I share with the reader many of the riddles that remain unclear and we travel together along some of the most admired warriors of WWII and take a deep look into the final days of the war.

     I hope you enjoy reading Hitler’s Last Mystery and, if you happen to be the winner of the trip to Paris and Berlin, I am looking forward to having an amazing adventure with you next year.

-Eusebio Gomez

September 22, 2016

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